Steel Sinks

None other than steel accents can fit in a kitchen's brusque routine. So tough, enduring, yet dazzling, every woman makes an eloquent cookhouse only with steel sink fittings and accessories. Constructed from German technology of Blanco and high-grade stainless steel, Diamond steel sinks are the new-age apple of every woman's eye. Not just its elegance that entices vision, but also its fabrication. The surface is impervious, in contrast with other sinks available in the market. Even the sharpest blades do not leave any scratches. Alkali-proof, never cracks, and doesn't affect taste or odour. Also, it is weather-proof, chemical-proof and thermal shock resistant. That have sloping drain board for easy drainage of water and save bench space. Diamond kitchen sinks are durable, stylish and spacious yet compact.

Model code no PAD 102
Overall Size 1020 X 515 mm
40 X 20 1\4 inches
Bowl Size Dia : 400 mm
16 inches
Depth 162 mm
6 1\2 inches